This is what nobody tells you about release week: you get very tired. It’s exhausting riding the wave of needing to respond to every comment and tag. (Apologies to anyone I missed!) That plus guesting on blogs and doing multiple book events.

In the meantime, you’re biting your fingernails, hoping that all of this work actually translates into sales—or more accurately, readers. Is someone out there really enjoying your work?

But there are times when the unbelievable happens. I was floored when my publicist told me I’d be in the New York Times. Yes, that NYT. I had to re-read the email (a lot).

It didn’t truly hit me until friends began messaging me and showing me pictures. I’m even getting a print copy from one of them!

My favorite lines? Besides the idea that Death By Bubble Tea is a palate cleanser, it’s: 
“the first in a fizzy new series…Yale and Celine’s growing loyalty to each other, coupled with the warmth of Chow’s prose, adds extra depth, just like the tapioca balls nestled in a glass of bubble tea.”

Share something unbelievable that’s happened to you!  

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  1. That’s fantastic, Jennifer. Congratulations.

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