Cherry Blossoms Painting

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"A smile is the most effective medicine." Every spring I enjoy watching the blossoms burst forth. Their bright cheeriness gives me joy and hope. My favorite tree is the sakura. Cherry blossoms exude a sweetness and delicacy with their petals. In historical Japan, people would often relax and picnic under their branches. Festivals still abound world-wide as folks flock to see their glorious floral displays. What speaks spring to you? P.S. Fun fact: Sakura mochi is modeled after the cherry … [Read more...]

Cherry Blossoms

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." I've always loved cherry blossoms. Their luscious petals remind me of springtime and hope, helping me dream of goodness in the world. I know I'm fortunate to live close to places that hold annual cherry blossom festivals that celebrate the flowers and the beautiful culture of Japan. When I visited the local Japanese market the other week, I saw this night light and had to buy it! Fun fact: Along with the … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Snow Drop Flowers

Snow drop flowers: edible flowers, often boiled with anise Snow drop flowers are used in traditional Chinese stews. The petals add a sharp tang to healing broths. These edible flowers are often paired with anise or five-spice to increase the potency of herbal remedies. April Fools! (But I hope you enjoyed the lovely spring photo!) … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Rose Tea

Rose tea: green tea flavored with roses I have roses blooming in my yard, but I haven't been a big fan of eating rose-flavored treats. (The blame goes to a rose Turkish Delight I ate. I thought it would be like ambrosia on my tongue, given its prominence in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe... but I was sorely disappointed.) My one exception to this rule is rose tea. It's green tea infused with a hint of the floral. I like the subtlety of the flavor, and the bitterness of the tea … [Read more...]

Flower Arranging, Ikebana-Style

"Your efforts are budding--results will appear soon." Ikebana (literally translated as "flowers kept alive") is the art of Japanese flower arranging. Originating in Japan, the art form spread to Taiwan during their period of Japanese rule. Ikebana uses symbolism in its organization, particularly stressing the connection between nature and humanity. Traits of ikebana include: emphasis on line and form focus on stems and leaves, not just petals long-term tradition, having evolved … [Read more...]

Choosing Cover Art

Flowers look different to different eyes.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How do you catch someone's attention? Right now, I'm working on the cover art portion for my forthcoming novel. The nice thing about a small press is that they value your input, so I get to voice my opinions on what I'm looking for and collaborate with the designer. On the other hand, I have a steep learning curve to figure out how covers work.Two websites that are helpful for viewing stock photos and getting inspired … [Read more...]