Foodie Friday First: Fried Chicken

Fried chicken: chicken fried up (aka "delicious")  Okay, okay, so I've had fried chicken before. But not a secret-family-recipe-guarded-for-generations version. Thanks to my kind friend Rickey, I got to have some tasty homemade chicken. Though not too bready, it also had a good amount of crunch and spice to entice me for seconds. A generous heart, Rickey, does chicken feasts for his friends and supporters of the marathons he runs for clean water through World Vision. Next up? I'm waiting for … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Green Onion Pancake

Green onion pancake: Chinese flatbread with scallions In college, one of my friends invited me to make my first scallion pancake. She mixed flour and water together, creating a smooth dough. Then we added in the fresh green onions and fried them in the wok (thanks for the lesson, Melissa!). Simple and tasty! Try your hand at cooking your own (or you can fry the frozen ones found at the local Asian supermarket). Name a dish that you made with a friend.  … [Read more...]

Do Online Friends Make Good Real-Life Friends?

"The social scene can be fun today." Writing used to be a lonely profession. With the advent of modern technology, it's turned out to be more of a creative party. Boundary lines between online friends and in-person ones are getting blurred. In fact, I'm meeting more and more with virtual buddies in real places. I've gotten valuable critique partners from online classes. And years of connecting via the Web led me to a side trip last Christmas to meet up with Wordsmith Studio buddies. But … [Read more...]