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Gigi Gahtgaht: to stammer or stutterIn The History of the Han Dynasty, there is a story about a man named Jau Cheung who suffered from stammering. The first emperor of the Han dynasty (206-194 B.C.) had already made the son of Queen Leuih the crown prince, but he loved his concubine Lady Chik so much that he changed his mind. He wanted to make her son the new crown prince. Jau Cheung, an old official, challenged the emperor: "I can't talk very well, but as far I know, it would be ve...very wrong … [Read more...]

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Yatyahn Dakdouh, Gai'hyun Gaai Sing: family and friends also benefit when one encounters good fortuneThere's a legend about Lauh Ngon, the Prince of Waaih Naahm during the early years of the Han dynasty. He was involved in Taoist cults because he wanted to become immortal. One day, eight old men visited him and taught Lauh Ngon how to refine cinnabar. He swallowed the cinnabar and flew into the sky, immortal. After eating the crumbs of the cinnabar left at the house, Lauh Ngon's hens and dogs … [Read more...]

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Goudau: proud of oneself, looking down on othersDuring the Eastern Han dynasty, there lived a famous scholar named Chahn Dang who served his country and helped the people.  Once he received a visit from a man that he despised and considered vulgar.  Dang ended up sleeping on a high bed while making the guest use a low bed.  After that incident, godau ("high place") held the alternative meaning of "proud."Last week during my writers' group meeting, one of the members mentioned the importance of … [Read more...]