Foodie Friday First: Pan Roast

Loved eating my first... Pan roast: Southern seafood stew with a tomato base They had me at the line of jacketed steam kettles behind the counter, each shining pot steaming away and releasing delicious flavors into the air. The actual pan roast reminds me slightly of tomato bisque, but it's leagues beyond that plain soup. There's a great creamy consistency to it, but it's enhanced by the kick of spices. Although pan roast is renowned for the spicy flavoring, I (cowardly) opted for the mild … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday First: Frog Legs

I tried my first Southern-style... Frog legs: battered goodness (tastes like chicken--not really) It's been a long time since I've had frog legs, and that was the Chinese version of them. I was really surprised at how tender the meat was (although it's also slim pickings). It's not quite like fried chicken, but it's tastier in its own way. The nice thing is that being all battered up, they don't really look like limbs. Frog legs is also a French delicacy. I recently read FROG MUSIC by … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday First: Fried Green Tomatoes

My first dish of... Fried green tomatoes: firm tomatoes fried up in a crisp, golden batter This is a Southern favorite, and I tried to make it at home once. Failure. I first wanted to eat it after watching Fried Green Tomatoes. By the way, that's an excellent movie. It's got all the elements that I adore: strong relationships between women, a feisty older character, historical references, and a missing man mystery. I actually watched the movie first, which is a rarity. I tend to … [Read more...]