Foodie Friday: Lettuce Wrap

Lettuce wrap: An array of meat and vegetables wrapped up in lettuce               There's mention of a lettuce sandwich in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine from 1894. It was also seen all across the United Kingdom and United States in the early mid 20th century. I'm not sure when it evolved into finding a place in Asian restaurants, but now the dish is quite common. (I even saw them offered at Souplantation … [Read more...]

Laughing into next year

"Better to make a net than to yearn for fish at the edge of a pond." -Chinese proverb New Year resolutions are about being pro-active. Oftentimes in life (and particularly in writing), you're on the receiving end; the only thing you can change is your attitude. This year, my one word resolution is: laugh. Here are some funny things that have improved my mood over this past year: "Imagine You're a Chinese Immigrant" assignment "9 Wack Things White Guy Say To Deny Their Asian Fetish" … [Read more...]