Foodie Friday: Taro Swirl Bread

Taro swirl bread: soft bread with sweet taro inside

I like my taro. Once when I visited Hawaii, I remember spending a long time entranced in a field, gazing at the broad leaves of the taro plant. For my wedding, we had ube cake. At dim sum, I eat fried taro dumplings. I’ve never ventured beyond either the purely sweet versions (cake) or the salty dishes (dumpling). Now, introducing: the taro swirl bread.

taro swirl bread






This bread contains both a sweet filling and a salty, soft exterior. The patterns that run across this bread are gorgeous. Despite the aesthetics, though, I really wish that this taro dish picked one taste or the other. When I bit into the outside, I expected a meat-bun-like quality. Then I encountered the inside, which set me up for a sweet dessert. I couldn’t balance the two tastes. In the end, it’s a thumbs-up for the artistic image, but a thumbs-down for the flavor combo.

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  1. Ok, all of this sounds interesting and fun to try. But I live in tiny town and we don’t have exotic foods! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!

  2. Although you don’t seem to like it much, I’m curious. I eat Chinese food in San Francisco and Berkeley. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this sort of bread. Or I would remember, right?

  3. Do you happen to remember what bakery this is from?


  1. […] My cake preferences have changed throughout the years, morphing from “pink champagne” and “cookies and cream” to green tea, mango, and taro. […]

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