Foodie Friday: Pudding in Tea

Pudding: topping option for tea

pudding in tea

I think you’re all familiar with bubble tea, which typically consists of milk tea with boba (even giant boba sometimes!). Anyway, it’s definitely a nice drink to have for cooling down. Usually I’m good with a plain iced jasmine tea, or I might splurge on tapioca pearls or lychee jellies.

Most recently, though, I ventured adding pudding to my drink. It’s been a long time since I went down that road, and it was a pleasant surprise. I guess I was expecting an instant mix feel, but the pudding has a more solid consistency. I read somewhere that it’s akin to flan in its texture–and it’s definitely less of a flavor than a texture experience. The smooth feel of the pudding complements well with the liquid tea.

So go ahead and try something new this summer–you might really enjoy it!

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  1. I never acquired the taste for boba, but I love flan so I’d definitely try this one. Hope they have a coconut one. :)

  2. I love the usual bubble tea with boba. I’m trying to branch out. I love flan, but I’m thinking of something less sweet and more healthy. Any suggestions?

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Hmm, my brother suggests red beans as an add-in. Not quite the same texture as boba but definitely healthier!

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