Tips on Virtual Speaking

Whew! I just finished my first virtual reading last Thursday. It was a fun time with other great authors (see flyer below). Plus, it even raised much-needed money for a Minneapolis nonprofit & an amazing bookstore. After this speaking experience, I tweaked some advice for typical real-time readings and learned to: 1) Look at audienceWhen speaking to a live audience, it’s definitely good to break contact from the page and visually connect with listeners. A few of the other authors … [Read more...]

Writer’s Digest West Conference- 9 Writing Tips

Lohksau Da Saamgaang: make mistakes at the beginning of workBefore the invention of clocks, the Chinese used a night watch-man to tell people the time.  He struck a gong at specific hours:(1 hit) yatgaang: 7:00-9:00pm(2 hits) yihgaang: 9:00-11:00pm(3 hits) saamgaang: 11:00pm-1:00am(4 hits) seigaang: 1:00-3:00am(5 hits) nghgaang: 3:00-5:00amStriking three times when it was supposed be"yatgaang" meant a mistake (lohksau da saamgaang).  We all make errors when starting a career, or even a hobby.  … [Read more...]