A Writer’s Real Gold

Jyuyihsing: jewelry made from pretend goldAbout one hundred years ago, a goldsmith's shop called Jyu Yih Sing made gold-plated jewelry.  It grew in popularity because its merchandise glittered like real gold and did not change in color.  The business eventually expanded to six branches with nine thousand employees. What's like real gold for a writer?  His or her brand.Robert Lee Brewer talks about the benefits of creating a slogan.  I've also been reading Rob Eagar's book called Sell Your Book … [Read more...]

Writer’s Digest West Conference- 9 Writing Tips

Lohksau Da Saamgaang: make mistakes at the beginning of workBefore the invention of clocks, the Chinese used a night watch-man to tell people the time.  He struck a gong at specific hours:(1 hit) yatgaang: 7:00-9:00pm(2 hits) yihgaang: 9:00-11:00pm(3 hits) saamgaang: 11:00pm-1:00am(4 hits) seigaang: 1:00-3:00am(5 hits) nghgaang: 3:00-5:00amStriking three times when it was supposed be"yatgaang" meant a mistake (lohksau da saamgaang).  We all make errors when starting a career, or even a hobby.  … [Read more...]