Foodie Friday First: Pretzel Burger

What should I put on top of my burger? How about a pretzel? My first: Pretzel burger: hamburger wrapped in a pretzel bun It's kind of fun experimenting with hamburgers. A tried-and-true food, wrapped in something different. The pretzel bun lacks the sponginess of the classic version, but it's got a nice heft to it. Plus, I think it adds some buttery flavor to the breading. I'm not sure it'll be a go-to pick, but it was interesting to try out. Next up? Maybe the ramen burger. My dad's already … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Katsu Burger

My first... Katsu burger: breaded burger, Japanese-style A revitalized burger with Asian flair! Katsu is equated with crispy panko-coated foods (think: tonkatsu). Although katsu can be translated to "cutlet" (the English word was first transformed to "katsules," and then shortened), it's associated with breaded goodness. Akin to a deep-fried treat at the county fair, the katsu burger is an innovative take, an actual beef patty cooked with crispiness and sprinkled with condiments like … [Read more...]