KU Fall Book Fair

Don't miss out! From October 15 through October 31, a bunch of YA titles will be FREE in Kindle Unlimited. Look for Dragonfly Dreams and other exciting young adult novels on Amazon. Here's a list of books that are participating: http://www.leamckee.com/kubookfair/       … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Instagram

“You have a captivating style all your own.” I used to carry about a proper camera. It was one of my most prized possessions as a child. Unfortunately, I was horrible at taking pictures. In those days you had to develop film, and I’d get maybe one or two usable shots. With digital nowadays, I just delete the ones I don’t like. Instagram takes photography up a notch, since people get to share their photos with the public. Here are 5 ways to Instagram: Raw. Take all your shots, but … [Read more...]

Tax Time

"Get into the spirit of the times." It all used to be so simple. I would pop my W-2 figure onto the tax return. (In high school, I even took classes and volunteered my time to help others fill out their IRS paperwork.) Nowadays, I'm trying to juggle all that math. Last year, I needed to make sure I had everything pertinent categorized: Deductions for home office, research, etc. Travel expenses for speaking engagements Inventory of books on hand and sold 1099 form from … [Read more...]

Follow Fest Post

I'm excited to participate in Follow Fest today and connect with other writers! Thank you to Melissa Maygrove for organizing this blog hop. Here's some info about me: Name: Jennifer J. Chow Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction What genres do you write? Multicultural, women's fiction Are you published? Yes, my debut novel, The 228 Legacy, was recently released by Martin Sisters Publishing. It's a multi-generational novel that's inspired by a historical event. I also have … [Read more...]