‘Twas the Day of Christmas (a poem)

"Star light, star bright, your wish will come true tonight." Let me fill you in on what happened this past Christmas: 'Twas the day of Christmas, when all through the home Every creature was stirring and starting to roam; The presents were stacked under the tree with great care, In hopes that happy hands soon would be there.   The children all jumped out of their beds; While visions of sweet toys danced in their heads; And hubby in his 'jammies, and I in my … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Hot Pot

Hot pot: steamed veggies and meats in a boiling broth It's our tradition to hold a Christmas pot luck each year. What's easier than cutting up vegetables and meats to place in boiling broth? A complex soup base can be purchased or a plain stock (simple vegetable, chicken, etc.) used . The hot pot sits on a burner, and you want it set at the highest setting to make it bubbling before you throw in the food to cook. The bowl I use is divided into two sections; I use the smaller circle for … [Read more...]