Foodie Friday: Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik: pulled milk tea I heart this Malaysian staple. There's nothing like a frothy cup of tea to make me feel all cozy. It's also a simple recipe that lists only black tea and condensed milk as ingredients. The tea is supposed to be poured back and forth between containers to make those yummy bubbles on top of the beverage. Fun fact: Teh tarik is considered the national drink of Malaysia. … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Noodles in Egg Gravy

Noodles in egg gravy: a wet noodle dish The dish called wat dan hor can be literally translated as “smooth egg noodles.” What makes them go down so well? Gravy. A creamy egg (don’t overcook them!) mixture coats all the noodles. The noodles are also not the typical long strands, but the thick and flat kind used for ha cheong in dim sum establishments. With a vibrant green hue coming from the vegetables, this dish creates a pleasing display of color. Fun fact: Wat dan hor is quite popular … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Char Kuey Teow

Char kuey teow: stir-fried flat noodles, Malaysian-style This is chow fun, elevated. Most popular in Malaysia and Singapore and eaten off the carts there, it's essential hawker food. In the past, char kuey teow was served by low-income workers (like fishermen) who increased their salaries by selling the dish in the evenings. Proper char kuey teow offers a smoky flavor from the flames of the wok. It's also got a unique coloring through a mix of light and dark soy sauce. Oftentimes prawns dot … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Bee Hoon/Mee Hoon/Mai Fun

Bee Hoon/Mee Hoon/Mai Fun: rice vermicelli Whatever you call it, it's thin noodles made from rice. This is not to be confused with bean thread noodles (glassy transparent noodles made from a starch, like mung bean). You can cook the vermicelli in different ways, but I personally like them stir-fried. The key to nice noodles is: 1) soaking them until soft, 2) not using boiling water to do so, and 3) cooking the noodles separate from meat and vegetables (unless you have a stellar non-stick … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Rambutan

Rambutan: a white-fleshed gummy fruit, similar to lychee or longan Rambutan has a distinctive red outer layer covered with soft spikes. Malayan jungle tribes first cultivated the rambutan tree, and rambut means "hair" in Malay. These tropical fruits offer a grape-like texture (at twice the size of a grape). Like the lychee or longan, it holds a big seed in the middle. However, rambutan is not as sweet as its cousins, and actually gives off a slight sour taste. My preference is for lychee or … [Read more...]