Foodie Friday: Shoyu Peanuts

Shoyu peanuts: soy sauce flavored nuts with a crunchy edible shell I wasn't quite sure what to think about these treats when a family friend brought them from Hawaii. Looking at the package, I noticed the label of "shoyu peanuts." Shoyu basically equates to soy sauce, so I was hesitant about the flavor choice. However, when I tried them, I really enjoyed these peanuts. They've got a satisfying savory taste. They actually remind me of Boston baked beans (the red sugar-coated … [Read more...]

Fave Five Costumes

"Keep your goals away from trolls." It's that time of the year again. Now I'm not into spooky and scary. I hate horror books and films. But the occasional dressing up is fine by me. Three years ago, I made a list of Asian-inspired costumes that I've actually worn or admired. This time, I'm highlighting my fave five: 1. Bruce Lee (top martial artist). My hubby dressed up as him while we were dating--> thus, marriage. Cute baby … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Soy Sauce Eggs

Soy sauce eggs: eggs stewed in a soy sauce mixture I like eggs. Hard-boiled ones are a great breakfast treat. Cooking them with a sweet-savory soy sauce base, though, makes them wonderful snacks or complements to meals. Nowadays, you can even buy a packet of the appropriate spices at the local Asian market. Then all you need to do is stick peeled, cooked eggs in the pot and simmer until done.     … [Read more...]