Foodie Friday: Fried Rice

Fried rice: do I really need to explain?

Fried rice with turkey bacon.

Fried rice with turkey bacon.


One of my blog readers asked me to put up more posts about my own cooking. The result: this foray into fried rice. It’s been said that fried rice originated because people needed to create an easy meal from leftovers.

It’s no wonder then that this was the first dish I ever made. (In college, after many years of my mom’s fabulous home cooking, I was sadly forced to fend for myself.) Like my mom and other Chinese cooks out there, I don’t really measure the quantity of anything I cook with, so the results are imprecise but customized. Here’s my recipe:

Cooked Rice
Sesame Oil
Soy Sauce
Olive Oil
Mixed Vegetables (frozen)
Meat or egg (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Heat up the wok and place a bit of oil on the skillet. (One of my college friends insisted on butter as the “real deal,” but you can choose to agree or disagree.)
  2. If using meat or egg, cook these first. Then take out to prevent overcooking. (Egg is usually cooked using the whole wok, omelette-style. Then it is taken out and cut into thin strips for visual display.)
  3. Add mixed vegetables into the wok. Let them defrost and cook.
  4. Place cooked rice (better a day old, so that the grains easily separate) into the skillet. Mix with vegetables. Add meat and/or egg back to skillet.
  5. Pour in sesame oil. Stir.
  6. Drop in soy sauce. Mix.
  7. Use salt and pepper to flavor.

Voila! Enjoy your all-in-one meal!

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  1. Yup. Fried rice was my first foray into food. My recipe wasn’t as elaborate as yours. Melt butter, toss in leftover rice. Add salt. Cook. Then break an egg atop the rice and stir it all up. Yum!


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