Foodie Friday: Frog Cake

Frog cake: frog-shaped pancakes Spring is here. Flowers burst into bloom, and life abounds. Did you know that some species of frogs start singing with the rise of warm temperatures? In honor of this season, I'm doing a quick post on frog cakes that we ate at Taipei Zoo. They are classic vanilla-flavored pancakes with a cream filling, a little bit like taiyaki. I think they taste even more delicious because of their cute animal shape. Happy spring!  … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Mango Cake

Mango cake: a light cake with mango filling and topped with the fruit Sometimes my kids go through seasonal fruit preferences. It used to be pears, then peaches. This year, it's mangoes. The tropical fruit is bright and colorful, exotic in its hues. It's also got tasty flesh that's very sweet, and they love biting the cubes off the skin. There are different varieties of mangoes. Here are a few that I've tried: Alphonso mango: grown in India, these display a yellow skin. They taste very … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Green Tea Cake

Green tea cake: the beverage turned into a delicious cake           Here's my tried and true way of celebrating: Cake! (Want a reason to party? How about my book as a finalist for Book of the Year Award?) Not just any type of cake will satisfy my cravings. My go-to is green tea cake. It's not too sweet, and I can indulge while convincing myself I'm stocking up on antioxidants. A swirl of whipped cream adds a hint of sweetness to this traditional … [Read more...]