Squishies Obsession

mantou squishy

"Look for happiness and you will find it." My kids found out about squishies in Mexico by way of Japan. Go figure. These cute (highly kawaii) guys are very squishable. You push them down, and then they rise up again. Also, they've each got a lovely fragrance. (The kids say you can make the perfume more pronounced if you keep squishies in the fridge.) Also, I love those adorable faces (see panda bun pic below!) The kids call this cutie Mantou because she's like those sweet steamed buns. And … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday First: Pretzel Burger

pretzel burger

What should I put on top of my burger? How about a pretzel? My first: Pretzel burger: hamburger wrapped in a pretzel bun It's kind of fun experimenting with hamburgers. A tried-and-true food, wrapped in something different. The pretzel bun lacks the sponginess of the classic version, but it's got a nice heft to it. Plus, I think it adds some buttery flavor to the breading. I'm not sure it'll be a go-to pick, but it was interesting to try out. Next up? Maybe the ramen burger. My dad's … [Read more...]

Mexico City, Part 2


"You are altruistic and will be involved in many humanitarian projects." Did you know that... Over 20,000 Mexican children are victims of sex trafficking every year? 27 million is the estimated number of victims in the world today? The organization I worked with in Mexico City is called El Pozo de Vida, or The Well of Life. It has a whole gamut of services, from prevention to intervention to restoration. Areas I helped with included: Block party. An event thrown in the red … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Chorizo


Chorizo: spiced pork sausage Breakfasts are huge in Mexico! And I mean, portion size. I don't know how folks eat so much in the morning. The bread basket alone is intimidating. (I'm usually a simple toast kind of gal.) However, I did enjoy my eggs with chorizo. It's sausage packed full of flavor. I've had chorizo here in the States, but somehow the spices burst onto my tongue more in Mexico. What breakfast foods have you tried recently? … [Read more...]

Mexico City, Part 1


"You are a bundle of energy, always on the go." First off, here's a list of the casualties from our trip: 1 phone (mine), dead. Thank goodness the boarding pass didn't get wiped out until after I passed the security checkpoint! Mosquito bites (multiple). Poor hubby! One swelled up to goose egg size on his head :( Aches and pains (ongoing). I've still got a crick in my neck from sleeping funny and twisting my head. And yet...I had culture shock returning to the States. I … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday Fiesta

sweet bread

Foodie Friday Fiesta: Lots of yummy eating in Mexico! My blog went dark since last week because I was overseas in Mexico! We traveled to Mexico City for nine days (more on that amazing adventure on Monday's blog). While there, we feasted on goodies. Here's a brief sample of what I enjoyed: Agua: Not just water, agua frescas are delicious juices served at many stands. What I love about these drinks is that you can combine your most beloved fruits into a customized blend. And … [Read more...]

Twitter Timesinks


"Genius is eternal patience." Confession: I go on Twitter to check and see how my submissions are going. (As in, maybe that editor will tweet something favorable about a new manuscript that landed in their in-box.) In reality, though, I need to resign myself to the waiting game. Publishing tends to be a crawling business. Another way I find my hours spinning by on Twitter? Hashtags: #mswl Manuscript Wish List; what hot topics agents and editors are looking for #querytip Ways to … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Pea Sprouts

pea sprouts

Pea sprouts: leaves and tips of the vine from a pea plant When I have a hankering for vegetables, pea sprouts are my go-to choice of greens. They're a vibrant color and offer soft leaves along with crisp stalks. When cooked fresh, all you need to add is oil and garlic for a flavorful vegetable dish. (Here's a slightly more complicated recipe, though.) With a great nutrition profile of vitamin A, C, and folic acid, they're a surefire winner for health. Pea sprouts are plentiful in the … [Read more...]

We’re Not All Alike


"You are realistic, and others relate to you." I embrace the word Asian American. I like my cultural background, although it's taken years to embrace the duality of it. But we're not all alike. I can't tell you how many times I've been confused with someone else because we look "like twins"--and this still happens with my kids. (In fact, I heard a comment today!) Anyway, Asian Americans are a huge group comprising of people from over 48 distinct places. We're not all the usual "model … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Hello Kitty Toast

Hello Kitty toast

Hello Kitty Toast: a little hello kitty on my bread I've always wanted a Hello Kitty toaster because it seems super cute. (And since my friend was moving, she graciously passed on her old one--thanks, T!) Anyway, I thought maybe the Hello Kitty would fill up the entire bread slice, but nope--it's just a little kitty in the corner. I'd like to say the toast tastes so much different, but it's about the same. (Although my kids are actually not enamored by the new toaster since it makes … [Read more...]

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